7 Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

Bathrooms are the sanctuary of the home. They are based on function and comfort but are also a great place to explore creativity. 2023 is only a few days away, so it is a great time to gain some bathroom design inspiration for future remodeling.

Tiled Walls

A new take on wainscoting; typically, people envision beadboard, but in 2023 we will be using tile. Consider tiling the walls instead of using paint or wallpaper. You can tile the walls from floor to ceiling or even go halfway up the bathroom walls. This will add another layer of texture as well as sophistication. Tile is also typically easier to clean than painted walls and wallpaper.

Bold Tile and Stone

Bathrooms are a great place to go a little bold. Bold can be a color or a mixing of tiles. For example, you can have some tiles that have a pattern on them and fade to a solid color, or an option could be to choose different textures; rotate between matte and glossy tiles. We will also see a trend for bold stone on the shower walls.

Statement Bathtubs

Who doesn’t love a bathroom that looks like a spa? In 2023, the bathroom design trends will show bathtubs of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Translucent tubs are evolving and will be seen more. However, freestanding tubs are typically a focal point of the primary bathroom

Gold Accents

Gold is here to stay! Gold goes with nearly every color and is an excellent finish for bathroom plumbing fixtures and hardware! They bring a sense of warmth to a tiled bathroom. Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals; that is trendin

Colorful Vanities

We will see a lot of bold-colored vanities in 2023. Seaside blue and olive greens will remain popular, but we will also see dark plum and peachy pink vanities. The vanity would be a good place to introduce some color if you want to keep your bathroom tile neutral.

Backlit Mirrors

2023 is calling for a lot of backlit mirrors. These mirrors are the perfect lighting aesthetically and for practical purposes. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them are multifunctional; I have seen ones with defoggers and ones that can play music and tell you the weather.


Terrazzo is a fun retro vibe to bring to a bathroom. Terrazzo is a great way to add a little character to your bathroom while remaining primarily neutral. It comes in nearly every color as well as different sizes. In addition, this tile is tough and easy to maintain.


The 2023 bathroom design trends will be nothing short of breathtaking. We can expect to see a lot of colors, whether that be in the tile or the vanity. In addition, there will be a focus on functionality with comfortable but stunning bathtubs and tiling walls to keep up with maintenance. Contact us for your bathroom remodel.

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