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An award-winning interior design firm specializing in kitchen & bathroom design with a function—first approach.

Kendal Cavalieri Design is an interior design firm based in Buffalo, NY, specializing in creating well-thought-out kitchen and bathroom spaces that exude personality and style. With a passion for designing functional spaces that enhance daily living, Kendal’s approach is methodical and creative. As the founder and principal designer, she fearlessly pushes boundaries to deliver hyper-personalized and irresistibly livable spaces earning her a reputation as a visionary who puts functionality first without sacrificing style.

Kendal Cavalieri Interior Design Firm Owner

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Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer. Connoisseur of Functional Design.

Born and raised in Lockport, New York, Kendal’s kitchen and bathroom design expertise is unmatched. Her passion for the field was honed during her tenure at a kitchen and bath showroom, where she immersed herself in learning about the latest design trends, innovative materials, finishes, and luxury appliances. With an eye for detail and a focus on function, Kendal is your go-to for all things kitchen and bath.

From the U.S. Navy to Interior Design. Kendal’s Story.

Kendal’s career path wasn’t a straight line, but as a designer, she knows that the most interesting spaces are often created by deviating from the norm. And that’s exactly what she did.

Serving as a yeoman for 7 years in the U.S. Navy and later pursuing her Master of Business Administration ultimately led her to become the talented interior designer she is today. Kendal’s unique background lets her approach each of her interior design firm’s project with attention to detail, military-grade discipline, and unbound creativity.

Kendal Cavalieri Interior Design Firm Owner
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“I believe in designing with empathy. It’s never about us, it’s about the client’s needs and preferences. Rather than imposing our personal aesthetic onto our clients, I work hard on making their vision a reality.”

– Kendal Cavalieri, Interior Design Firm Founder & Principal Designer