5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

2023 is just a few days away; let’s gear up for the new year with the 2023 kitchen design trends. Bold colors with warmer whites and smart technology will be popular. People will also be focusing on smarter storage solutions and more multipurpose spaces. In 2023, consumers will focus on functionality, convenience, and comfort in their kitchens.


The first big kitchen design trend of 2023 is all white kitchens are out, and color is in! A popular theme is adding a pop of color to the kitchen’s island and pairing it with warmer paint or darker wood. I have seen many deep blues, saturated greens, and deep plum colors. In addition, we have seen a lot of people incorporating bold colors in their backsplash and sticking with a more neutral cabinet color.

Butler’s Pantries

Concealed butler’s pantries are trending; this is a separate room off the kitchen that is great for food prep and storage. I especially love these areas because you can hide many items rather than cluttering the countertops in the central kitchen. This is a great place to put a drawer microwave if you want to avoid it being seen; people are even putting sinks and dishwashers here. You can take your butler’s pantry up a notch and conceal it in the cabinetry for a hidden entrance.

Slab Backsplash

People are shifting away from the subway tile backsplashes and turning towards a more practical option. Countertop materials for the backsplash are easier to clean, primarily if you use a quartz material that is stain and scratch-resistant. Carrying the countertop material up the backsplash also creates a bold statement and sets the tone of the kitchen.

Smart Technology

The use of smart technology is expected to increase. For example, touchless faucets are especially beneficial when your hands are full; a light tap and the water will turn on. Smart ovens are making tremendous advances. You can preheat the oven and set a time from the convenience of your smartphone. So if you’re running late on your way home from work, preheat the oven from your phone and have it ready when you arrive! Some appliances feature a push-to-open option; if your hands are full with a baking sheet, you can tap the oven with your elbow, and it will open. We have even seen advances with voice-activated appliances.

Dark Woods

Dark woods are making a comeback; they create contrast and warmth and make the kitchen more inviting. Many people are mixing a warmer taupe paint color with a wood island or wood base cabinets. Darker wood stains also tend to withstand the most abuse over the years.


In the 2023 kitchen design trends, we will see a shift in the stark white kitchens and lean more towards warmer paint colors and dark woods! We will also see kitchens entertaining bold paint colors in cabinetry, backsplashes, and wallpaper. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, we would love to help!

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