What is an Interior Design Consultation?

Are you in the beginning stages of a remodel, or do you need an interior designer to bounce some ideas off? Then, an interior design consultation is for you!

Interior design consultations are a crucial part of the design process. The first step of any of our interior design services is a free 30-minute discovery call where we get a feel for your project, what you are hoping to do, your timeline, and your budget. All of our interior design services require an interior design consultation; it is the second step after our free 30-minute discovery call. If you are looking to start the process of your interior design consultation, fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch within 2 business days.

We charge a fee for our interior design consultation, so we want to ensure you get the most out of it. Charging for interior design consultations has become a common practice in the design industry, but every once in a while, we will have someone ask why we charge when another designer does it for free.

At the beginning of our business, we used to do interior design consultations for free. Firstly, our interior design consultation is a working consult, which means we pack as much information and advice as possible in the 2-hour meeting. Secondly, our clients were not as dedicated to the interior design process and we would run into issues like no-shows and being unprepared for the consultation. People are much more committed to the process when a fee is involved. We offer excellent value for your time and money and are dedicated to getting as much information as possible in this 2-hour slot!

What is an interior design consultation?

In the interior design consultation, we will tour the space you want to remodel and listen to your challenges with the existing space. We will learn about your vision for the area and review your inspiration pictures. We will also discuss your lifestyle and how you want to use your space. It is also beneficial to look at the rooms adjacent to the project space to ensure everything is harmonious. In the design consultation, we willingly give interior design advice because that is part of the value we bring.

In the consultation, we may show you past projects we have worked on that may help you with an idea for your space. We also may pull up online sources to help you visualize what we have in mind.

We will also go over the different services we offer. Then, we will recommend the ones that are the best fit for your project. After that, we will discuss how we work, the step-by-step process of each service, and where we can go from here.

How do I know if an interior design consultation is best for me?

Interior design consultations are the first step to all services we offer. If you are looking to hire us for bathroom design, kitchen design, or full-service interior design, we will start with a working interior design consultation. This consult will allow us to go over the process of the respective service, answer any questions you may have, and get a feel for your wants and needs. This consult will also review the steps to move forward with the respective service and start the process.

An interior design consultation can also be a one-time appointment without further service. For example, if you are in the beginning stages of an interior design project and want to run some questions or finishes by a design professional, this service will benefit you! Or maybe you have all your materials selected but want someone else’s professional opinion; we can help!

How do I prepare for the interior design consultation?

The best way to prepare for the design consultation is to narrow down what rooms and design problems you want us to focus on and address. 2-hours may seem like a long time, but time flies once the appointment goes! Narrowing down the scope that you want to cover helps us better prepare. We bring samples based on your design focus for you to feel and see in the space.

It is also best to prepare a list of questions before the appointment so that we can stay on track and cover all areas you have concerns.

We will send you a private link to a Pinterest board before the meeting. On the Pinterest board, you can upload pictures of the space you want to remodel and inspirational photos. Inspiration photos help us get a feel for your style and needs and allow us to provide better input to help you get to your desired aesthetic.

What if we need additional time?

If we do not cover all areas in the interior design consultation, additional consultations can always be added. I recommend limiting the consultation to 1 to 2 rooms; depending on the room size, only one room may be feasible. We love to help and are here for any questions or challenges you may be having!

What is not included in the interior design consultation?

Although we wish we could, we cannot design a space in 2 hours. The design process is about looking at all of the overall elements of the room. If you had isolated pieces you wanted us to look at for the space; this would not help the overall space. Each piece, including furniture, tile, cabinets, and paint, must complement each other and work as a whole.

At the interior design consultation, we will provide you with great ideas and guidance, but we have a process to ensure these ideas work well for your space. We have a tested and trusted process that cannot be rushed.


Interior design consultations are a collaborative process to develop resolutions for your design project. We can review different material selections and layout options to help solve your design dilemmas and create your dream space. Feel free to prepare a list of questions and challenges you are having, and we will pack as much knowledge as we can during the consult. Contact us to get started on your design project.

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